Month: December 2018

etimasthe Christmas break

etimasthe will be taking a break over the Christmas period. We will next be publishing on our site around 10th January. The ‘etimasthe Advent calendar’ on our Facebook page will of course continue. And we will still be responding to comments, either on Facebook or left directly on our site. We would like to wish

When did the Bible become the Bible? — Part #1 (The New Testament)

[Part 1. New Testament] [Part 2. Old Testament] A friend once asked me, “When did the Bible become the Bible?” Although that is a question with a fairly well-understood answer historically, it’s not a simple, straightforward answer to relate; it’s one that, to be properly understood, requires some time to explain (and I told him

The Canon of Scripture defined in two early(ish) statements

One of the Christian historical questions about which there is a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation is when the New Testament became the New Testament. In other words, when did the 27 individual books get collected together into what we now know as ‘the New Testament’? I will write about this in a subsequent

On the recent media representation of Evangelicals

Grace Dalton reflects on recent media representations of Evangelicals. BBC Radio 4 recently aired a one off programme titled “Trump’s Evangelicals.” Few things could possibly make me happier than evangelicalism having airtime on one of the nation’s most popular radio stations. But the programme was not about actual evangelicalism at all, instead it was a