Month: August 2018

Comparison of the books of the Old Testament in various Christian traditions

[Comparison table] [Why the difference?] What are the differences between the Old Testament used by Protestants, Roman Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Slavonic Bible used by the Russian Orthodox Church? All of these Christian traditions use an identical New Testament consisting of the 27 books listed by Athanasius in his Easter Letter of

‘Forbidden History: Uncovering the Historical Jesus.’ Really?

As Christians, we have good grounds for believing that the facts presented in the Gospel accounts are true — even when a Christianity-busting programme such as “Forbidden History: Uncovering the Historical Jesus” bursts onto our TV screens. Grace Dalton considers why the programme is not the devastating demolition it claims to be, and why, as

Barnabas Fund — Christianity “despised by Western society”

According to the Barnabas Fund’s daily prayer diary for Saturday 18th August, Christians are increasingly finding themselves despised by Western society. Its daily prayer for that day states, As Christians in many Western countries find themselves increasingly despised by society at large and their freedom of conscience and freedom of speech being gradually eroded, pray

Why religion is behind the exodus from US state schools

Commendably, on Saturday the BBC website published a story exploring the religious — and social — reasons why many more Americans are now home schooling their children, rather than entrusting them to an increasingly politicized state education system. Quoting statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the article said that the number of

etimasthe summer break

etimasthe will be taking a break for about the next three weeks. We will next be publishing on or around Thursday 23rd August. We will still be responding to comments, either on Facebook or left directly on our site. We would like to wish all our readers a very happy summer holiday, whatever you’re doing