etimasthe YouTube channel now available!

etimasthe now has a YouTube channel available, which you can find here: On this channel, we have begun to produce video versions of my 2019 series, ‘Why I Am a Christian.’ You can find the introduction and the first video in this series using the links below: Introduction to ‘Why I Am a Christian’

etimasthe break

As a result of the Coronavirus announcement yesterday evening by the PM, and the restrictions on movement placed on the British people, I am not able to publish articles as usual. Consequently etimasthe will be taking a break from publishing on our site until further notice. We will still respond to any comments placed on

Creation by God ‘ex nihilo’ taught by Tertullian (3rd century)

The Christian doctrine of creation ‘ex nihilo’ teaches that God created all things out of nothing (‘ex nihilo’ is just a Latin phrase meaning ‘out of nothing’). We find the belief very clearly stated by the early Christian theologian Tertullian, writing less than two centuries after Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension. What we don’t always

Tertullian and the ‘New Prophecy’

One of the saddest things one encounters when reading the 2nd-/3rd-century Christian writer Tertullian — and the reason he never became ‘St. Tertullian’ in Christian tradition — is his embrace in later life of the Christian overexuberance known as Montanism, or the ‘New Prophecy.’ The New Prophecy was a movement which came out of the

It’s time the BBC died

I have always, until very recently, been a passionate supporter of the BBC TV licence. I believed that the licence fee was a price well worth paying for TV and radio programming that was intelligent, impartial, and not beholden to commercial interests. My trust, however, in the BBC’s output has been steadily eroding for a