Month: May 2018

Earliest manuscript of Mark’s Gospel published

The Egypt Exploration Society recently published what is believed to be our earliest manuscript of the Gospel According to Mark, dated by handwriting analysis to 150—250 A.D. What does this newly published manuscript tell us about the New Testament text? The publication of the manuscript, designated P137, was reported in an informative article by Elijah

What is ‘etimasthe’?

The purpose of etimasthe is to highlight the misrepresentation of Christianity in the UK media (as well as pointing out when it’s represented fairly!), and to educate people on the early history of Christianity. But what does ‘etimasthe’ mean? Short answer: “he was despised.” The word is taken from Isaiah chapter 53 verse 3 in

What was missing from Michael Curry’s royal wedding sermon?

It was great to see a Christian sermon — and such a passionately delivered one — being watched by millions on Saturday, at the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. But what was missing from it? You can watch the Most Reverend Michael Curry’s fourteen-minute sermon here and read

Guardian reports on Myanmar’s invisible war on Kachin Christians

On 14 May the Christian aid agency Barnabas Fund reported, “We are pleased to see the mainstream media are covering the plight of the predominantly Christian Kachin, another persecuted ethnic minority in Myanmar. Let’s pray that the world wakes up to the increasing religious persecution in SE Asia.” Here at etimasthe we concur. Their statement

Gentlemen Don’t Have to Read the Bible….

In a guest post, Christian blogger Grace Dalton considers whether April’s issue of GQ magazine was right to describe the Bible as a “Book You Don’t Have to Read.” From 21 Books You Don’t Have to Read by GQ (April): “The Holy Bible is rated very highly by all the people who supposedly live by