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On the recent media representation of Evangelicals

Grace Dalton reflects on recent media representations of Evangelicals. BBC Radio 4 recently aired a one off programme titled “Trump’s Evangelicals.” Few things could possibly make me happier than evangelicalism having airtime on one of the nation’s most popular radio stations. But the programme was not about actual evangelicalism at all, instead it was a

Should Christians try to reach uncontacted tribes with the Gospel?

In the wake of the recent news story about the Christian missionary John Allen Chau, who was killed while taking the Gospel to the hitherto-unreached Sentinelese tribe in India, Chris Flux gives his view on whether it’s appropriate for missionaries to try to reach uncontacted tribes. American Christian John Allen Chau was recently killed by

A reflection on the BBC’s ‘The Debt Saviours’

Grace Dalton reflects on the BBC’s recent documentary on the organization Christians Against Poverty (CAP), and whether it presented a balanced view of the charity. A recent documentary, The Debt Saviours, aired on a Friday evening on BBC2. I was already well familiar with the organisation that it probes, Christians Against Poverty; I watched with

‘Allah Has No Son’ leaflet: Christian, unkind or hate crime?

Recently several Muslim families in Lancashire received hand-delivered copies of the Jack Chick gospel tract ‘Allah Has No Son’ from a man called Michael who describes himself as ‘an independent Christian.’ Michael stated that he sent them as his ‘right to reply’ to several community outreach events organised by Muslims in Preston over the previous

BlacKkKlansman: a reflection on faith, race & nationalism

In a guest post, evangelical Christian and author Chris Flux offers his view on the unhappy alliance between Christianity and nationalism, and why this alliance should be of grave concern to Christians. Recently I went to see BlacKkKlansman at the cinema and despite it not being a Christian film, it prompted me to think about