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etimasthe is no longer on Facebook and Twitter

As of 11 January 2021, etimasthe will no longer be on Facebook and Twitter. Owing to Big Tech Censorship we have taken the decision to remove etimasthe from these platforms. You can still keep in touch with etimasthe’s articles by subscribing by e-mail. Best wishes to you all! etimasthe

Why #ChristiansDontMatter

In Western societies such as the UK, it has been obvious for years that to public bodies, corporations, much of the mainstream media, and even sometimes the law, #ChristiansDontMatter. They don’t matter in domestic politics; they don’t matter around the world. The eventual ruling by the UK Supreme Court in the Ashers Bakery ‘gay cake’

It’s time the BBC died

I have always, until very recently, been a passionate supporter of the BBC TV licence. I believed that the licence fee was a price well worth paying for TV and radio programming that was intelligent, impartial, and not beholden to commercial interests. My trust, however, in the BBC’s output has been steadily eroding for a

Spectator: ‘Je ne suis plus Charlie’

It’s five years this month since the shooting-up by Islamic terrorists of the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris which left twelve people dead and eleven people injured. Following the attack on 7 January 2015, a million people marched through Paris in solidarity with the magazine and those killed in the attack, many bearing banners proclaiming

Dracula’s atheist writers acknowledge Western debt to Christianity

Given that it is still fashionable for the literati of Western society to regard Christians as imbeciles, it was refreshing to hear the writers of the BBC and Netflix’s Dracula, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, who describe themselves as “a couple of ageing atheists,” acknowledge the genuine value of Christianity both as a rational faith

Trevor Phillips: BBC ‘digging its own grave’ with its liberal bias

The BBC was the object of accusations of bias from both sides of the political spectrum during the recent General Election campaign, both the Conservatives and Labour accusing the corporation of political bias against them. Boris has even threatened the BBC with decriminalization of non-payment of the TV licence. Whilst I am not convinced of