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Spectator: ‘Je ne suis plus Charlie’

It’s five years this month since the shooting-up by Islamic terrorists of the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris which left twelve people dead and eleven people injured. Following the attack on 7 January 2015, a million people marched through Paris in solidarity with the magazine and those killed in the attack, many bearing banners proclaiming

Trevor Phillips: BBC ‘digging its own grave’ with its liberal bias

The BBC was the object of accusations of bias from both sides of the political spectrum during the recent General Election campaign, both the Conservatives and Labour accusing the corporation of political bias against them. Boris has even threatened the BBC with decriminalization of non-payment of the TV licence. Whilst I am not convinced of

Spectator demolishes Dawkins and the ‘New Atheists’

The UK-based Christian evangelist Glen Scrivener, who travels around the country a lot, is frequently told, “I don’t believe in God.” To which his usual reply is, “Tell me which God you don’t believe in.” Scrivener’s response to this oft-proffered opening gambit exposes the set of unfounded assumptions with which atheists often approach (and try