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Christianity and Conspiracy Theories: How Should Christians Respond?

In the wake of Christian actress Letitia Wright’s sharing of a video on Twitter in December disputing the safety of a potential Covid-19 vaccine, guest writer Chris Flux asks, “How should Christians respond to conspiracy theories?” As a fan of the Marvel movie series, I really enjoyed the film Black Panther when it hit cinema

Why #ChristiansDontMatter

In Western societies such as the UK, it has been obvious for years that to public bodies, corporations, much of the mainstream media, and even sometimes the law, #ChristiansDontMatter. They don’t matter in domestic politics; they don’t matter around the world. The eventual ruling by the UK Supreme Court in the Ashers Bakery ‘gay cake’

It’s time the BBC died

I have always, until very recently, been a passionate supporter of the BBC TV licence. I believed that the licence fee was a price well worth paying for TV and radio programming that was intelligent, impartial, and not beholden to commercial interests. My trust, however, in the BBC’s output has been steadily eroding for a

Is religion the cause of all wars?

The argument is often put forward by atheists that “religion is the cause of all wars.” On at least two occasions I’ve had this very thing said to me. But is it really true? Come, let us reason together. Firstly, let us consider the assertion itself. “Religion is the cause of all wars.” As aphorisms

Spectator: ‘Je ne suis plus Charlie’

It’s five years this month since the shooting-up by Islamic terrorists of the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris which left twelve people dead and eleven people injured. Following the attack on 7 January 2015, a million people marched through Paris in solidarity with the magazine and those killed in the attack, many bearing banners proclaiming

Özil, my hero of the week

One football match that still gives me nightmares is a blasé England team’s 4-1 demolition by a far superior Germany side in South Africa in 2010. The memories of Matthew Upson’s inability to cope with Germany’s attacking pace, England’s badly-channelled righteous fury on emerging for the second half after the famous Frank Lampard “ghost goal,”

Reflections on the 2019 General Election

I have to admit to a feeling of elation — okay, Schadenfreude — at the Liberal Democrats’ electoral wipeout on Thursday, as well as at Jo Swinson’s losing her own seat in the Commons. I first came across Jo Swinson before she was elected leader of the Lib Dems — before many people knew who

Why the world doesn’t need the term ‘Christianophobia’

“I hate Christians,” said the young woman — let’s call her ‘Maya’ — who was standing next to me in 1998. I was attending a demonstration that day against the proliferation of nuclear power in the UK. This is not something I would be particularly inclined to demonstrate against these days; nevertheless, there I was.

Barrister in Supreme Court calls BoJo ‘the devil’!

I know that Boris Johnson is widely disliked, but surely calling even him ‘the devil’ is a bit harsh! Nevertheless that’s what happened yesterday (18 September) in the UK Supreme Court. According to The Times, Aidan O’Neill QC, arguing the case that the current prorogation of Parliament is unlawful, told the Court, “What we have