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Tertullian on the true humanity of Jesus

In his treatise On the Flesh of Christ, the North African Christian theologian Tertullian (c. 145-220 A.D.) argues that in Jesus, the Son of God truly became a human being, truly taking on our human nature in the womb of the virgin Mary. He argues this against numerous heretics who taught that the Son of

‘Forbidden History: Uncovering the Historical Jesus.’ Really?

As Christians, we have good grounds for believing that the facts presented in the Gospel accounts are true — even when a Christianity-busting programme such as “Forbidden History: Uncovering the Historical Jesus” bursts onto our TV screens. Grace Dalton considers why the programme is not the devastating demolition it claims to be, and why, as

Christmas in July

How do we know that/whether Jesus was born on 25th December? And are Christians really so dumb as to think he was born on that day? Grace Dalton considers. In a recent online debate over abortion, I was assailed with revelation that the 25th of December was originally Yule; and that “Easter” is from Oestre,

The Historical Evidence for Jesus – examined again

Guest post by AnOldHope, an evangelical believer and blogger living in Sussex.   A recent article in the Guardian Online looks into the commonly held belief that Jesus is a myth.  According to this, 40% of the adult population of England believe he never existed as a historical figure- so what evidence is or isn’t