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BlacKkKlansman: a reflection on faith, race & nationalism

In a guest post, evangelical Christian and author Chris Flux offers his view on the unhappy alliance between Christianity and nationalism, and why this alliance should be of grave concern to Christians. Recently I went to see BlacKkKlansman at the cinema and despite it not being a Christian film, it prompted me to think about

Tertullian on God’s power to raise the dead

If you’ve read certain bestselling conspiracy novels, you may be forgiven for thinking that the earliest centuries of Christianity are shrouded in mystery, rather like the Dark Ages, and we really can’t know what the earliest Christians believed. “History is always written by the winners,” as the character Sir Leigh Teabing scurrilously claims in one

Is Vicky Beeching the ‘authentic’ voice of Christianity?

In 2014, the well-known British Christian musician Vicky Beeching ‘came out’ as lesbian, and has been an ever-present interviewee even on mainstream media since. Grace Dalton (left) asks whether her recent TV and radio interviews reflect the authentic message of Christianity. Several years ago, Vicky Beeching’s albums were -deservedly – selling well and her music

Independent Online ‘shames’ Christian woman for being true to her beliefs

On 12 September the Independent Online posted an article entitled, “Texts show incredible response to aunt who declined wedding invite because of ‘Christian values’.” The article referred to a number of screenshots from an SMS message conversation between an LGBT person referred to by their Twitter account “@DPGay” and their aunt, which had been posted

Tertullian on the true humanity of Jesus

In his treatise On the Flesh of Christ, the North African Christian theologian Tertullian (c. 145-220 A.D.) argues that in Jesus, the Son of God truly became a human being, truly taking on our human nature in the womb of the virgin Mary. He argues this against numerous heretics who taught that the Son of

‘Forbidden History: Uncovering the Historical Jesus.’ Really?

As Christians, we have good grounds for believing that the facts presented in the Gospel accounts are true — even when a Christianity-busting programme such as “Forbidden History: Uncovering the Historical Jesus” bursts onto our TV screens. Grace Dalton considers why the programme is not the devastating demolition it claims to be, and why, as

Barnabas Fund — Christianity “despised by Western society”

According to the Barnabas Fund’s daily prayer diary for Saturday 18th August, Christians are increasingly finding themselves despised by Western society. Its daily prayer for that day states, As Christians in many Western countries find themselves increasingly despised by society at large and their freedom of conscience and freedom of speech being gradually eroded, pray

The sexualization of religious imagery as ‘virtue’

Grace Dalton reflects on the increasing trend over the last few years for pop culture to regard the sexual use of religious imagery as ‘virtuous.’ I really shouldn’t check the Trending topics on Twitter, it is a horrendous waste of time. Recently, when I succumbed to curiosity, one trending hashtag was #GodIsAWoman. Well of course.