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One Scotland publishes spectacularly hate-filled poster designed to stoke prejudice against religious Christians, Jews and Muslims

The Barnabas Fund, a Christian aid charity which supports freedom of religion around the world, has called for the Scottish police to withdraw “hate crime” posters by One Scotland which appear to incite prejudice against Christians, Jews and Muslims. https://barnabasfund.org/en/news/barnabas-calls-for-withdrawal-of-scotlands-hate-crime-posters-that-promote-anti-christian The Barnabas Fund calls these posters “state-sponsored prejudice.” Although One Scotland isn’t the Scottish government

Barnabas Fund — Christianity “despised by Western society”

According to the Barnabas Fund’s daily prayer diary for Saturday 18th August, Christians are increasingly finding themselves despised by Western society. Its daily prayer for that day states, As Christians in many Western countries find themselves increasingly despised by society at large and their freedom of conscience and freedom of speech being gradually eroded, pray