About Us

etimasthe.com is the brainchild of Graham Harter, an evangelical Christian believer living in Sussex, UK. Graham is passionate about helping people to understand what the Bible really says, and about explaining what the Christians of the early centuries believed and taught.

The purpose of this blog is twofold:

  1. To highlight and ‘call out’ the unfair treatment of Jesus, the historic Christian faith and Christian believers in the UK mainstream media.
  2. To furnish people (Christian believers and otherwise) with facts about historical Christianity, in order to help dispel the miasma of ignorance about this in the UK media, in UK society and in popular literature.

The name ‘etimasthe’ (pronounced ay‑tim‑asˈ‑thay) comes from the Greek Old Testament of Isaiah 53:3, and means “he was despised.”

It is a passage which was written by a Judean prophet, Isaiah, at least 550 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, and which clearly speaks of his death, burial and resurrection. (It is a passage we urge you to read; you can obtain a Bible very inexpensively and in modern English from your local bookshop.)

Jesus was despised by people when he went to his death as a criminal (found out why here); and the Christian faith is no less despised today.

Our prayer is that this blog can help you to see that, though despised throughout the ages, biblical Christianity is in fact reasonable, logical and ultimately true.